Bhadra Paper Mills Limited, originally incorporated as Bhadra Packaids Private Limited on 8th June 1984 is a pioneer in paperboard manufacturing known for delivery of high quality products to its customers for over three decades. The original promoters of the company had a technical background and were from Mysore paper mills. They setup the factory in 1989 as a non- integrated paper board manufacturing facility.

The mill is focused on producing paperboards for packaging and graphics segments, and their product range includes duplex board, file board, chip board and grey board, colour board etc. In the year 1994 South India Paper Mills took over management of the company and fresh funds were infused for modernization of plant and machinery. The company was taken over in the year 2011 by the current Management – Mr. Subbaraju Lakshman and Mr. Madesh Lakshman, seasoned entrepreneurs in paper industry for decades.

The factory is located on the banks of river Bhadravati in Shimoga, Karnataka and has a market in Karnataka, Kerela, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Goa.



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